How use MultiThreading in VB.NET?

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I have example MultiThreading in VB. Net, I using thread to spider site,, I have a problem :

I have to syncLock to lock sql query select top 1 link from tblSite where process = 0 and i update process = 1 , End SyncLock

I spider content with links, and i update LastUpdate in DB, An Proces = 0... ..

I do it slowly, can i help about performance with multi thread. And i use to spider ?

2009-06-16 10:29
by NoName
Please expand, not clear what you mean (especially by "spider") or are trying to achieve - Richard 2009-06-16 10:41
spider as task ": i get Content in q links site - NoName 2009-06-16 10:51


Async IO you must use. And sync table in process not, but server place lock let instead.

2009-06-16 10:54
by Remus Rusanu
I have a answer, i used many object. A object using to one function...good luc - NoName 2009-07-07 03:32