Embed Internet Explorer window inside Inno Setup (web browser control)

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I want to show some web page INSIDE Inno Setup installer page, how can it be embedded? I was thinking of using cwebpage.dll ( http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/3365/Embed-an-HTML-control-in-your-own-window-using-pla ), but I have no idea how to use this dll with the means of Inno Setup scripting. If there are some other means, please help.

2012-04-04 07:18
by ro_jero


It's not possible directly in InnoSetup, you can use only components listed in the Classes Reference. However you can embed your setup with the custom form from a library e.g. this way.

I've created an example of such library with a sample InnoSetup script. This project is hosted here.

2012-04-04 08:49
by TLama
Thanks, I will check it up - ro_jero 2012-04-04 09:00
That is not I want, I don't need replacement of the Inno Setup form, I need embedded web browser window (without any buttons, just window of web page) in Inno Setup page (e.g. installation progress) - ro_jero 2012-04-04 09:20
That's what is not possible. The only way is to show your own form. Custom pages in InnoSetup supports only those components (classes) listed in the <code>classes reference</code> - TLama 2012-04-04 09:25
And if we get handle of some page element and draw browser window in it? Is there a way to get handle of Inno Setup form elements - ro_jero 2012-04-04 09:28
But how would you instantiate the web browser ? I think it's possible (not sure) to get handle of each page but what would you do with it. You would open e.g. IE and SetParent of it to the setup page ? Even if this would be possible I strongly suggest to don't do that - TLama 2012-04-04 09:31
As I wrote in the question I was going to use cwebpage.dll , so having the handle I can use it for creating new browser window with the help of newly created dll (like a wrapper for cwebpage.dll - ro_jero 2012-04-04 09:37
Sorry, overlooked that. You can try it, but I would personally prefer the custom form from *.dll, not the way of embedding wizard pages. The handle of some wizard page you can reach like this way WizardForm.WelcomePage.Handle in [code] section of your script - TLama 2012-04-04 09:48
Great, thanks. I will try several ways - ro_jero 2012-04-04 10:02


"shellexec" an .html file or web link. That's all there is to it :)

2012-04-04 07:21
by paulsm4
I need showing the browser window INSIDE installer page, not launching a link - ro_jero 2012-04-04 07:26