Ad-hoc OTA distribution install error

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I have created an ad-hoc distribution ipa file along with a plist file and uploaded it onto a website. I have then navigated to the website and clicked the download link. It pops up saying: would like to install "myApp"

So I click install.

It then reverts to the home screen to show the icon and the progress bar of the download/install.

Once the bar has reached c.3/4 it then shows another pop up saying:

Unable to download application

"My App" could not be installed at this time.

Any thoughts on what is going wrong here?

2012-04-04 07:07
by Ben Thompson
you have to check your provision profile or destination file path folde - Hiren 2012-04-04 07:25
how and where do I do that - Ben Thompson 2012-04-04 07:46


For completeness..

I had migrated my project from one laptop to another during the build and had forgotten about it. I had therefore migrated all my profiles but not my private and public shared keys in keychain. Ultimately. I have to delete all certificates and profiles and start again from Keychain.

Actually, once I have decided to start all over again, it was probably only 15 mins to a full distribution profile working. Not bad considering the number hours scratching my head beforehand. But still - Apple...surely you can think of a more slick way of allowing us to test and distribute apps?????

2012-04-15 06:22
by Ben Thompson