Visifire/WPF databinding issues (Visifire v3.6.8)

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I have a very basic databinding issue with the Visifire WPF charting tool in the last open-source version, v3.6.8, before it became commercial. I want to bind an ObservableCollection<> to the DataSource-Property of a DataSeries. It just doesn't work when I bind the property in XAML. When I bind the data in the code behind, it works fine.

I am using the collection for a DataGrid as well and there everything works fine.

The output log doesn't show any binding issues.

The get/set accessors of the DataSource property of the DataSeries object are never accessed when binding the property in XAML, I just don't get why. The dependency property is registered at creation of the DataSeries object.

Are there any known issues with this or am I missing something basic?


<DataGrid x:Name="grid" Grid.Column="0" ItemsSource="{Binding TransverseParallelShearLCS}"></DataGrid>

<Charts:Chart Grid.Column="1" x:Name="chart" ZoomingEnabled="True" AnimatedUpdate="True" ScrollingEnabled="False">
        <Charts:DataSeries RenderAs="Line" DataSource="{Binding TransverseParallelShearLCS}" AutoFitToPlotArea="True">                                                    
              <Charts:DataMapping MemberName="XValue" Path="X"></Charts:DataMapping>
              <Charts:DataMapping MemberName="YValue" Path="Y"></Charts:DataMapping>
2012-04-04 06:56
by Marc


Please try the below sample example from Visifire Example Area and check.

2012-04-05 09:16
by Shoaib Akhtar
Thank you very much, but after trying everything for hours I was fed up, and rebuilt my GUI with the OxyPlot library. Everything worked within minutes - Marc 2012-04-05 23:33