Directory 'uploads/' for the site filebrowser.filebrowser does not exist

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I've managed to use django-filebrowser to upload file via TinyMCE based on this documentation:

I've put reference to tiny_mce.js and tinymce_setup.js from Grappeli folder to my template,now TinyMCE works.

but when testing filebrowser with this command:python test filebrowser I get this error:Directory 'uploads/' for the site filebrowser.filebrowser does not exist. ,of course all of project throw this error.I searched this error in google but no proper result!

Note:I've gotten Grappeli worked already.

what do U think?

2012-04-04 06:49
by Asma Gheisari
Do you have uploads dir in your MEDIA_ROOT? : - ilvar 2012-04-05 04:26
yes I have,I don't know why It has this erro - Asma Gheisari 2012-04-05 05:05
Please show us the full stacktrace - ilvar 2012-04-06 02:37
However I alreadey had an uploads folder,when I made another uploads folder inside that my problem was solved : - Asma Gheisari 2012-04-14 19:23


For those having problems with filebrowser setup, here is what is required to set it up after you install it.

Add it to your INSTALLED_APPS as:


In your master file, add the file browser pattern:

from filebrowser.sites import site

urlpatterns = patterns('',
   (r'^admin/filebrowser/', include(site.urls)),

Then make sure you have your MEDIA_ROOT set and that by default the uploads/ folder exists in the MEDIA_ROOT. You can change the uploads folder by settting FILEBROWSER_DIRECTORY to something different:

FILEBROWSER_DIRECTORY = 'filebrowser_uploads/'

Then I usually run a test and see if anything is broken and why:

python test filebrowser

I don't know why the setup doesn't create the default directory for it if MEDIA_ROOT exists. Instead it checks if MEDIA_ROOT + FILEBROWSER_DIRECTORY exist and it fails if it doesn't. More on this in the quick start guide.

2014-10-28 16:28
by radtek