How do I insert a new row with the silverlight 3 DataGrid (and not use the DataForm)?

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In silverlight 2 it was possible to add new rows to the collection through the DataGrid. But in silverlight 3 I cannot figure out how to do this without using a DataForm. Any idea?

2009-06-16 10:07
by NoName


Add a blank to the source

lst = New genericList With { _
                      .field1 = "", _
                      .field2 = "", _
                      .field3 = "", _
                      .field4 = ""}
2011-04-23 00:13
by Adam


I've had good luck in the past simply adding a blank row to the data source and then checking for non-null values when the datagrid is updated. The user can just click in the empty row and add the information and the update routine can insert the values from there.

2009-06-26 16:54
by Steve French