In ASP.NET can I schedule an .ashx page to run at a certain time of the day?

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I'm curious if it is possible to schedule my page, let's call it, Test.ashx to run, say at 2 am every day on IIS, using ASP.NET? (Pretty much what Cron Job does for PHP/Linux system.)

PS1. I need this page to perform a custom operation on the SQL Database table. (Note that I don't have direct access to IIS, or SQL Server itself. I'm writing a web app that needs to incorporate this functionality for a client.)

PS2. I program using C# if that matters.

2012-04-04 05:52
by ahmd0
There is NO robust way to make an ASP.NET application/ashx/whatever behave similar to cron due to several aspects - on being the fact that IIS can recycle an app domain anytime. Use a Windows Service for such things - Yahia 2012-04-04 05:55
I'm using simply Task Scheduler from Windows to ask for a page, but my task is trivial (it is not a big problem if one day it doesn't run - mslliviu 2012-04-04 06:50


There is always more than one way to achieve a thing. To perform a custom operation on SQL Database table on a periodic basis, you can schedule a SQL job. Look at this SO answer for more details


Check this link to know how background schedulers can be done in ASP.NET

Another way to achieve is to use Windows Task Scheduler to invoke the .ashx periodically

2012-04-04 06:43
by Ramesh
Is there any way to do this from ASP.NET - ahmd0 2012-04-04 06:47
If you insist on ASP.NET (which I really don't know why) you can place .ashx in the IIS and use Windows scheduler to invoke it. When invoked it can do the necessary actions. But, I don't think you can guarantee that it would be run only once and can be invoked by any one else also - Ramesh 2012-04-04 06:50
Again, I need to automate this task (i.e. manually configuring SQL Server via SQL Server Agent is not an option) and thus my idea to do this through a script. Thanks for the link - ahmd0 2012-04-04 07:34
@ahmd0 The cache link is interesting but unsure if its advisable given your requirement - once a day at a given time (see comment on app recycling). The option on using Task Scheduler should be your best bet (on a PC that you control, not necessarily on the box with IIS). Your web host (assumed) may also have options for you to schedule web jobs (e.g. requesting some web page on a given schedule) - EdSF 2012-04-04 07:55