java - caching solution which supports indexes/query cache

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  • I am looking for a caching solution for java which can support query cache/indexing.
  • I have looked at Ehcache. Although it has a very good query search support But that is always O(n) ie. it will always do a full cache search. ( this information applies to free version of EHcache).
  • I want a solution where I can define that these are the fields I will be querying on/indexes and for all those fields, it maintains that objects which belong to those queries and keep the indexes updated if there is any insert/update in cache. Basically I want the best performance for reads. The number of reads I am going to make far outnumber the updates in cache.
  • any free/open source solution will be preferable
2012-04-04 05:49
by MoveFast


Try use Infinispan

2012-04-04 05:55
by dash1e