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Hi guys first of all thanks for such a media which is helping all the developers allover globe.Now coming to my question,I want to Store images in icloud and retrive them in my application. I am able to store text in icloud but not able to store images here is the link which i followed:

It is working fine but i am able to store text only not the image so please help me out Thanks in Advance.

2012-04-04 05:46
by Aadil Khan
got any solution?? dear - Mehul Mistri 2012-10-09 09:28


When I have moved images back and forth from a server to an iOS app, I have used base64 encoding/decoding (there are many libraries out there). I would try encoding the image into a base64 string on the device and then sending it (as text) to iCloud.

There are several NSData categories out there that deal with converting NSData into a base64 encoded string.

See this link for a solution to the encoding.

According to this link, however, you should store it as a document unless it is very small.

2012-12-31 21:53
by Andrew Gene
Try using NSKeyedarchiver and NSKeyedUnarchiver the data then send it to icloud....and at the fetching time use the same key value to get the dat - Aadil Khan 2013-01-02 11:43