Why isn't the contentwraphere div fully showing?

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I have no idea why but the contentherewrap div does not show fully when you click ‘Returning Quality Services’ in firefox, chrome and safari but does show in IE and opera




2012-04-04 04:54
by Mat Kay


Seems like an issue with height of div with class contentherewrap. Height of this div is 1297px but height of its parent is 580px.

Fix the height appropriately and problem should be fixed.

Note: Ideally you should not fix the height of a div and let it take any height as per the volume of its contents unless you have some specific reason to set the height to certain pixels or to certain percentage.

Hope that helps.

2012-04-04 05:34
by Balkrishan Nagpal
Thank you - i added some code to dynamically resize .blogachievements and that fixed it - Mat Kay 2012-04-04 06:27