Any sample of simple data management app ? WPF+ C#

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I have learned about programming for 3 years from Assembly to BASIC to C and WPF, but I wonder that inside the reference book, did't much help me in creating a simple/ complex , a complete system. I never touch C# before and its totally different between C# and WPF, many source code provide a separate program without link to database , and when i tried to connected to database, my application is malfunction. I try to find a complete sample LOB app,but when i figure out why i download from Codeproject is very complicated ....and its MVVM ... a more complicated than what i think. I need a professional give me an advice ...I am a graduated diploma student and a WPF self learner.

2012-04-04 04:44
by Kimson101
Why not make your own example? Like a librairy! Create a Database in SQL Server and add tables for Books, Users, and figure out a way to track who has what book borrowed. Simply look up how to connect to your database with the right ConnectionString and get started - Alexandre 2012-04-04 04:51


i think u should read good books about CLR/C# (such as this) and more specifically about WPF (i recommend either WPF 4 Unleashed or Pro WPF in C# 2010)

also, u can find nice code samples at WPF samples

And ,finally, u should necessarily code ur own programs: more code - more experience

2012-04-04 08:14
by Dzmitry Martavoi