Dont hide SplitViewController in portrait mode

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I am developing an app for iPad & for iOS >= 4 , and I am using split view controller.

But I don't want to hide master panel in portrait mode.

For iOS 5, I can use


but for < 5 what to do ?

2012-04-04 04:44
by Mukesh


You can try Matt Gemmell's MGSplitViewController

2012-04-04 05:23
by tipycalFlow
I guess you'll have to start all over for this, which you might not want - tipycalFlow 2012-04-04 05:43
Yes, he has to start from 0 as default controller doesn't provide functionality what he wants. And feasibility study should be done before start programming - Mitul Nakum 2012-04-04 06:11