Galaxy Nexus density issues

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I am developing a application for Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. The screen size in Portrait mode are Nexus S 480x800 Galaxy Nexus 720x1280

The default MDPI screen is 320x480. Now all my values of margin and borders are multiplied by the density factor if given in dp/dip

So for Nexus S its a exact mapping 320x1.5 = 480. However, for Galaxy Nexus its a inappropriate 320x2.0 = 640.

So instead of creating a separate layout folder and adding the values in px so that i can achieve exact pixel perfect screen since galaxy nexus is my only xhdpi device that i am suppose to support.

Is there any other option where i can modify the screen density of the system and make it 2.25 for further calculations?

Really disappointed to see a flagship google product behaving this erratically.

BR, Jayshil

2012-04-04 04:22
by Jayshil Dave


Maybe this article will be helpful especially the part about -h<N>dp/w<N>dp and sw<N>dp folders.

2013-05-07 08:47
by Stan