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I have develped a crystal report. It must have 4 pages as default and additional 2 depending on the condition.

When the condition is success its showing all the text objects in 5th and 6th pages correctly, but in else condition, its displaying 4 pages with appropriate data and empty pages having page header in last 2 pages.

How to suppress/completely hide last 2 pages?

Pls advice


2012-04-04 04:12
by Bobby


Your best bet would be to create a report with multiple report footer sections. You can then either adjust each report footer section to be 1 page high and add the relevant conditions and objects or alternatively add a subreport to each report footer section containing the fields/logic.

I would probably create 8 report footer sections (2 being blank) then decide whether to show the 2 blank ones or the 2 with relevant objects.

2012-04-04 07:22
by Lee Tickett


In section expert, next to suppress use the below formula

if pagenumber in [99,100] then true else false

Note; Assuming 99 and 100 are last 2 pages of the report.

2013-02-11 20:15
by hayath786