How to transfer paid android apps from one google account to another google account

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I am developing a SYSTEM app for android to manage user accounts on the device.

Is there a way to PROGRAMMATICALLY transfer paid user apps from one account to the other?

Any help is appreciated (even if the reply does not directly target a solution).

2012-04-04 04:08
by Nar Gar


Google has this to say on transferring data between accounts.

It lists certain types of data that CAN be transferred and certain types of data that CAN NOT be transferred. Unfortunately Google Play Apps falls into the NOT category.

It's conveniently titled: "Moving Product Data"

2012-06-26 08:53
by Henry


You will not be able to do that. You can download apps again to the same userid account on different devices, but you cannot transfer those licenses to other userids.

There is no way to do this programatically - I don't think you can do that practically (except for trying to call customer support at the Play Store).

2012-04-04 04:10
by Booger


To transfer app, you just need to raise one request in Transfer app request page by Google & initiate the transfer. This process would take 1 day at the max. Refer this link, detailed explanation along with snapshot is provided here.

2015-10-25 12:00
by Naruto


It's totally feasible now. Google now allow you to transfer Android apps between accounts. Please take a look at this link:

2015-01-12 10:06
by Duc Tran
I think the OP was asking how to transfer apps that you bought and not apps that you developed - pm_labs 2015-01-21 06:12


You should be able to transfer the Application to another Username. You would need all your old user information to transfer it. The application would remove it's self from old account to new account. Also you could put a limit on how many times you where allowed to transfer it. If you transfer it to the application could expire after a year and force to buy update.

2012-05-10 00:01
by Jeff
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