Where to get UK Mobile phone to email gateway

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What I need is: - 3-5 phone numbers in the UK, possibly on different networks - charge phones by Credit card - text messages received by these numbers get emailed to me (one by one) - Needs to work with premium text messages, i.e. the one where you pay as a recipient.

2009-06-16 09:37
by jdog
In more detail, I'm looking for a gateway to test receipt of MT messages that terminate on Uk numbers. This is to do live testing of a UK based message service and MO gateway provider when not in the U - jdog 2009-06-16 09:51


Clickatell is one of the most often recommended providers for this kind of service. They provide a lot of developer support too, with APIs and code examples to cover almost every requirement.

Beware if you intend to shop around though: SMS Gateways are bit of a tricky area - costs, rules and service quality for SMS vary wildly from country to country, and there are a great many small middlemen reselling SMS gateway services, some of which are disreputable spammers.

If you search StackOverflow for SMS you should see a number of similar/overlapping questions have a lot more detail, and discuss the pros and cons of different providers:

2009-06-16 09:39
by Colin Pickard