Seeing the source code instead of a website

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I'm kind of new in ASP.NET and C# so it may sound a stupid question. I installed MAMP in order to have a testing server. My project is in the htdocs directory.

I'm working with mac and as I said I'm trying to learn C# and ASP.NET. When I try to preview my website in dreamweaver, I see the source code instead of the website (when not in "live view" I see the example button I put in the code).

When I use mono-develop, the same project works good on the browser. I think the problem is with MAMP or apache but I'm not sure...

2012-04-04 03:40
by lsxliron
You need to add modmono to your apache server. Check this: - Chandu 2012-04-04 03:43


MAMP is specifically for Apache, MySQL and PHP installations. ASP and C# are Microsoft languages and the MAMP server will not recognize them. You need Windows to have a c# server. I tried to do what you are doing: get Windows 7, it is easier.


  1. You can run Windows on your Mac
  2. Microsoft gives out free developer tools including Visual Studio which will help you get started.

Alternatively you can get a .NET web host for less than $7 per month and try all of your creations out on their server. It would still be a challenge for a beginner to code on a Mac and pull it off though.

2012-04-04 04:18
by Chris Adams
Sounds logic but strange: The source code appears on the screen when I try to preview the website from dreamweaver (using google chrome). When I copy and paste the same code to mono-develop, it opens it in google chrome as well but this time I can see the website itself and the sample button is working as well.. - lsxliron 2012-04-04 05:24