>" matches these arguments">

Erorr: no operator ">>" matches these arguments

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int main()
char* NamePointer = new char;

std::cout << "Enter the file you want to edit (MUST BE IN THE PROJECT'S DIRECTORY): ";
std::cin >> &NamePointer;

const char* FileName = NamePointer;
delete &NamePointer;

return 0;

This returns me the error in the title:

std::cin >> &NamePointer;

Any ideas? This is probably something simple I'm missing, but when I looked it up I didn't get my answer.

JUST FIXED IT, SORRY FOR BOTHERING! I took out the "&" in "&NamePointer".

Yeah I just found out another way of doing this using c_str(). Sorry!

2012-04-04 03:22
by Bumrang
Just removing the & didn't fix it, It still is broken.Check my answer - Alok Save 2012-04-04 03:30


You should have:

std::cin >> NamePointer;

Also, you are just allocating an memory of one character, probably you meant:

char* NamePointer = new char[MAX_SIZE];

and dellocate it as:

delete []NamePointer;

Note that the, C++ way of doing this is to simply use std::string which takes care of the problem of buffer overflows you get with using char*:

std::string Name;
std::cin >> Name;
2012-04-04 03:25
by Alok Save


There's no need for the address of operator here. Simply:

std::cin >> NamePointer;

Some other things I've noticed:

char* NamePointer = new char;

You probably want more space than just one character. A simple start may be a large static allocation:

char NamePointer[1024];

In which case, you omit the delete statement at the end (which also doesn't use an address of operator, by the way).

2012-04-04 03:26
by chrisaycock