Mails from sendmail marked as SPAM

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I am using the default set up of send mail in a CentOS box and I have an php application that uses the PHP mail function. For past few days while testing, I see that the mails from this application are in the SPAM box. I tested it with gmail and hotmail, it is the same in both cases.

Do I have to modify or change something in Sendmail configuration to make sure the mail is from an authentic server? I read from somewhere that if we send emails from unreachable hosts it will be marked as SPAM...but I do remember the mails were reaching INBOX initially and only past few days it is marked as spam.

Any advises or pointers on this would be greatly helpful.

2012-04-04 02:48
by Abhishek


I had similar problem while sending mails using php mail i resolved this by including header argument in the code


         $header="-F 'Webmaster' -f";
        mail("", "Test Message", "This is my message.", $header); 
2012-04-04 02:58
by user1311813
Hi I tried this but no luck : - Abhishek 2012-04-04 03:30