Stop different Manipulate Panels from triggering each other

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This should be a simple question, but I have given up on it after a while now. I have different input lines which I have evaluated in a single notebook. Two of these have manipulate statements:

The first one

Manipulate[{  Some Plot Func }, {{\[Omega]0, 3}, 0, 3}, {{\[Tau], 5}, -1, 20}]

The second One:

Manipulate[{  Some Plot Func }, {Twave, 1, 10}, {{Tenv, 10}, 0, 100}, TrackedSymbols :> True]

When I change parameters in the second one, i can see the first one evaluating as well.

I have tried specifying with TrackedSymbols to disentangle the two, but this does not succeed. I hope someone can point me to the obvious solution. It is slowing down evaluation a lot.

Thank you!

2012-04-04 02:20
by AimForClarity
It would help to know what Some Plot Func is. Are you perhaps updating global parameters in one of the Manipulates that appears in the other one as well? Also, there is a new site for Mathematica related questions on stackexchange where you might get a better response - Heike 2012-04-04 08:31


How about this?

End each of your manipulates with a semicolon. Create a third "master" manipulate which does not end with a semicolon. Within the master manipulate, use a TabView. With each pane of the tab, run one of your manipulates by calling it like a function. It is convenient to create a list of your manipulates and pick the one to execute with a "tab index" of sorts.

I've gotten this to work well with several manipulates, rules for moving between them via the tabs, and so forth. It's proven to be a useful approach for notebook applications,as the complexity of one giant manipulate gets out of hand.

2012-04-08 02:38
by stuartw