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How can I make a Facebook RSS application that autoupdates from the provided RSS feeds. Of course doing this is trivial for canvas applications, but I need this for showing on the Facebook Page. All the RSS apps I've taken a look at either dont update or dont work on Facebook Pages.

Especially now that infinite session keys are deprecated (and maybe even forbidden).

2008-09-19 06:26
by Shinhan


I specifically said I do not need this for canvas applications (as that is trivial to do), but on Facebook Pages! This is done with profile.setFBML and data published that way does reside on the facebook servers.

2008-09-19 08:18
by Shinhan


  1. Infinite sessions keys do not exist anymore
  2. Every feed is unique. But even if it weren't, can I just stuff the fbml.refreshRefUrl in a cron job and it will work without session (because I can not get an infinite session)= Or maybe I first need to request the offline_access extended permission? Is there any way without using cron jobs?
2008-09-26 08:52
by Shinhan


You have two options.

  1. Convert your user session (when the user accesses your app manually) to infinite session, then periodically update the profile information for a user. There is some information on how to do this (and what API calls you can make without sessions) here.

  2. Create a new "handle" (see fb:ref) for each unique feed and update that handle whenever the feed changes. Handles are key-values pairs that are associated with your app, that you can include inline through FBML. This allows you to do a single call to the API that will update all users subscribed to a given feed.

The second option is probably the best in the long run.

2008-09-19 08:57
by Josh