How do i install the cakephp forum plugin by Miles J?

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Am pretty sure this is a cake 1.3 question - the plugin is not compatible with 2.0

I am trying to install the Miles J plugin for cakephp for forums, which can be found here:

I am struggling with his tutorial though. Sigh.

SO, here is what i have done -

  1. downloaded his plugin
  2. moved his plugin into my /app/plugins/forum folder (so contents are Config, Console...View, webroot, -- eg /app/plugins/forum/Config)
  3. downloaded the cakedc utils plugin
  4. moved this to the /app/plugins/utils folder (so its contents read Controller, Lib, locale...license.txt, -- eg /app/plugins/utils/Controller)
  5. done steps "2" and "3" from that page i have linked to above - where "2" starts with: "The forum plugin was designed to interact with an external users..." and "3" with: "Admin routing must be enabled in app/config/core.php."
  6. And now it gets confusing. He writes about some sort of install program... weren't the last two steps install steps? Are they separate? I don't know! Anyway, I go to run the "cake" command he has, and I get an error ~ "cake not found"
  7. Navigate to: /cake_install/cake/console (where "cake_install" is the base path for my cake folder, of course)
  8. Run the cake command... but this time I am totally unsure what the "/path/to/app" Miles writes about means. Is it the path to the plugin (which would make sense to me) or to the cake_install folder (i mean, I am in it already, seems a bit redundso).
  9. try both of them - each time i get an "Error: Class InstallShell could not be loaded." error, which isn't very useful.

Any ideas on what I should do next? I don't mind doing a manual install, but am i on the right track? Where steps "2" and "3" meant to be run? Is there something simpler to do to get this thing working?

If you don't know, could someone recommend a simple forum plugin/tool/thing i can buy that i can use instead? I am not particularly tied to this forum plugin right now...


BONUS QUESTION: at the end of step "3" Miles helpfully suggests: "It is also a good idea to create a "forum" folder within your app/tmp folder, and chmod it to 777. "

All well and good, but do i just need to make a forum folder, or do i need to, say, tell cakephp to use it? Why is it a good idea to make a forum folder? Should i? What happens if i don't?

2012-04-04 01:11
by bharal


first of all you seem to mix up cake 1.3 and 2.0. please read the documentation and tutorials. the correct path for plugins like this one in 2.0 is /APP/Plugin/PluginName/... (also note the casing which is very important).

as you already pointed out, the forum plugin is a "plugin". therefore it needs a surrounding app (application) for it to work. if you name it "site", your forum would be in /site/Plugin/Forum/

then you should navigate to this /site folder with your shell and there execute the cake commands. Also make sure you loaded the Plugin via CakePlugin::loadAll() in your bootstrap. then it will find the Plugin shells.

The 2.0 doc can be found here:

2012-04-04 08:42
by mark
I am mixing 1.3 and 2.0? I did not know that! I am using 1.3 - the plugin only works only 1.3 ... so i am only using 1. - bharal 2012-04-04 09:51
aha - that is an important information you should have pointed out in your question (always mention your cake version). in this case why are your folders uppercase? It should be controller and config (as opposed to Controller and Config) then. PS: the 3.0 version of the Forum Plugin is compatible with cake2 by the way - mark 2012-04-04 10:22
Yeah, sorry about that! Ok, so all the folders are lower case then (am using 2.3 of the plugin). Also, i am assuming the bootstrap thing is a cake 2 issue? Finally, why do i go to /site/plugin/forum (excuse the caps, on ipad) in the shell, but out the code in /site/app/plugin/forum - bharal 2012-04-04 11:12
/APPNAME/plugins/forum in 1.3 (note the plural plugins) :) and yes, bootstrap plugin loading is 2.0 only - mark 2012-04-04 11:20
Ah, ok, let. Me give this a whirl when i get home. Also, any ideas about the tem folder this "Miles" guy suggests - bharal 2012-04-04 13:56


Here is another thread that might help you run shell commands. Run plugin's shell in cakephp 2.0

The command you will run will look something like this C:\xampp\htdocs\mysite\app> ..\lib\Cake\Console\cake Forum.install

2012-05-18 21:18
by Kristoffer Darj