Soft keyboard causes view to bounce in flex mobile app

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Have a flex mobile app with a couple of text inputs set up in a login form. When the soft keyboard appears the view pans up but then "un-pans" and "re-pans" giving this strange bounce effect.

Does anyone know how or why?

2012-04-03 22:28
by Tarek


I am having the same issue. I ended up resolving it by changing the softKeyboardBehavior property in my app.xml to none instead of pan. I prefer the look of the default pan, but none works too, and without the bouncing.

2012-04-19 16:54
by Colin
I filed a bug for this and they refuse to fix it, despite being able to reproduce it. They asked for votes in order to even bother taking a look at it. Please vote it up: - Colin 2012-10-26 16:23