XNA Sprite Rotation Point

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I'm busy with a little topdown shooter in XNA. Now I have a little Mathematical problem: I have a sprite, a human that's holding a 9mm. Now the sprite looks at the mouse cursor. When I shoot, I want to show a little muzzle flash @ the end of the gun barrel. However, the coordinates of the end of the barrel will change when you rotate the character.

How can I get the correct coordinates in a sprite that is the end of the barrel when for example the end of the barrel is 14px above a players head?(topdown) enter image description here

So basicly I need to know how to get coordinates of a certain point in a circle that has an certain angle with the orgin.


2012-04-03 20:59
by Basaa



Where alpha is the angle between the x axis and the line extending the barrel; r is the radius of the circle (the lenght of the barrel).

One or both of the +s might have to be replaced with '-', depending on the orientation of the coordinate system (or play around with adding multiples of 90 degrees (up to 270) to alpha until you get it right).

2012-04-03 21:08
by Attila
If the muzzle flash is directional you need to set it's origin to be at its back center and apply the same rotation you did to the human sprite - Murtnowski 2012-04-03 21:12
That did the job! Thanks - Basaa 2012-04-03 21:15