epylint in emacs using virtualenv

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Can't get epylint working. I'm using buildout to generate epylint script. But then I run it from command line it doesn't output anything.

> epylint models.py
> echo $?

While if pylint is installed to system (emerge pylint) everything works, except system level linter does not see eggs installed by buildout. Here is my buildout part for eplint:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs =
extra-paths = ${buildout:extra-paths}
entry-points = epylint=pylint.epylint:Run

Would like to get suggestions how I could pin point issue.

2012-04-03 20:52
by aisbaa


This seems to be due to missing pylint script, which epylint calls internally.

This buildout config works for me:

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = pylint
entry-points = epylint=pylint.epylint:Run

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = pylint
entry-points = pylint=pylint.lint:Run
arguments = sys.argv[1:]

I needed two parts because pylint.lint:Run and pylint.epylint:Run process command line arguments in different ways.

2012-06-19 08:23
by aaditya sood