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I'm looking for a script (there has to be one) that help me to let me user translate my getText based PHP project.

Right now, I don't have time to create a solution on my one, so I were looking for some proper open-source solution using Google Search, but I could not find anything.

There are a lot of commercial solutions for this, but I would like to use a simple PHP alternative on my own server. It does not have to have a lot of features; I just want to select the languages I need and let the people translate and check translations.

2012-04-03 20:49
by Frederick Behrends


I don't know of any solutions in PHP, but there are several open source projects for web-based translation tools. For example:

  • Weblate is based on Python/Django and supports Git integration. I think it is used by phpMyAdmin, so it should be suitable for PHP projects.
  • Zanata is written in Java and used by JBoss.

I also found SimplePO on Google Code which is written in PHP, but it does not seem to support plural forms. There is also a more recently updated fork on GitHub.

2012-04-07 12:32
by Jörn Horstmann