Eclipse RCP Target Platform: Bundle '' cannot be resolved

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I just created my first target platform and ran into a problem:

The Bundle cannot be resolved.

My target platform has one location:
    Eclipse Platform Launchers
    Eclipse RCP SDK

I set this as my target platform and validated plug-ins in the run configurations. In the run configurations there is no bundle called so I cannot activate it.

I am sorry if this is an easy and stupid question but I am new to target platforms (I added my whole workspace every time as my target platform)

2012-04-03 20:48
by PhilippBüch


the plug-in is not included in the Features you have added to your target platform.

Simply add the feature Eclipse Platform SDK to the target platform:

  • select your location, and click Edit,
  • filter for "Eclipse Platform SDK",
  • select the feature,
  • delete the text in the filter*,
  • and click Finish.
  • Wait until the Target Platform has resolved, then save, and set it as the target platform.

That should solve the issue.

It has taken me a good wee while to get my head around Target Platform, Run Configuration, etc., so keep your head up :).

*Otherwise, you will remove what you already have in the target platform (Platform Launchers and RCP SDK), and install only the Platform SDK. This is due to a bug.

2012-04-04 16:01
by s.d
That helped, thank you! But how can you know which bundle is in which plugin / location - PhilippBüch 2012-04-04 19:30
@PhilippBüch. Very good question! AFAIK, there is no listing of any sort that shows which plug-in is included in which feature. I've had problems myself, locating plug-ins. Try googling for the plug-in name and look for tutorials amongst the search results, they may name the feature to include in order to get the plug-in. If anyone knows about a better way, please post - s.d 2012-04-05 08:31
@PhilippBüch: I've made this issue into a thread now, as there should be a better way for this, really - s.d 2012-04-05 09:03
Very good idea : - PhilippBüch 2012-04-05 11:04