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I'm trying to utilize a row and a column header to build a function that I can fill across an excel table (range of cells, not excel table object). So, for example I have a row header "BAT61" and column headers "A","B","C"...

I'd like to create a formula that generates the following results in those columns: =min(BAT61A),=min(BAT61B), =min(BAT61C)... Where those generated names match named ranges that have already been created.

I've attempted to use =index without success (I generally get a #ref error). I'd prefer a non-vba solution, if at all possible. Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: I've tried the indirect function but gotten the same #ref error. I've verified that the named range exactly matches the text string I'm trying to pass. I've tried the following variations with the same result #ref: =min(indirect(A1))[where A1 is the cell with "BAT61A"], =min(indirect(BAT61A))[to try and get the result directly], and =min(indirect(A1&A2))[where A1="BAT61" and A2="A"]. But, when I create a "Test" range, like suggested-it works. Any further ideas would be appreciated.

UPDATE2: I was able to get it working with several slight modifications. My named ranges that did't work were actually referring to fairly extensive array formulas that were parsing select rows from a table. When I created new dummy columns in the table that basically did the filtering, the indirect would pull the correct columns based upon the indirect.

2012-04-03 20:47
by dav


Name some cells "Test" then you can use:


The name can be constructed using the & operator = $A1&B$2

2012-04-03 20:54
by Chriseyre2000
it's called string concatenation and just to be sure, if headers are in first row: =$A1&B$1Aprillion 2012-04-04 06:33
This answer didn't completely solve my problem, but it defintely pointed me in the right direction (correct function and great resource at cpearson). Thanks Chriseyre2000 - dav 2012-04-04 13:29