hg shelve equivalent of git stash drop

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I have the hg shelve (not attic) extension installed, and I want to drop a patch. In git it would be git stash drop. How do I do this using the shelve extension?

2012-04-03 20:38
by undefined


The Mercurial shelve extension stores patches under .hg/shelved. Each is a simple patch file, and the filename is the name of the patch. So to remove a patch called 'mypatch' I can simply remove the file 'mypatch' from .hg/shelved:

rm .hg/shelved/mypatch

2012-04-03 20:41
by undefined
See BennyMcBenBen's answer for a way to remove shelves using the hg shelve UI - ForeverWintr 2016-11-23 18:21


From the Mercurial shelve documentation (or using hg help shelve):

To delete specific shelved changes, use "--delete". To delete all shelved changes, use "--cleanup".


-d --delete delete the named shelved change(s)

So if your patch was called my-patch, then you would delete it using:

hg shelve -d my-patch
2014-08-28 21:23
by BennyMcBenBen
This should be the accepted answer - gcedo 2018-03-06 09:54


If you don't want to use shelves, you can do it the following way.

hg diff > mylocalchanges.txt
hg revert -a
# Do your merge here, once you are done, import back your local mods
hg import --no-commit mylocalchanges.txt
2012-05-01 19:22
by minaz
To avoid creation *.orig files use: hg revert -aCVladimir Kovpak 2015-12-15 10:55


I created two shell scripts based on minaz's answer:


hg diff > $1 && hg revert -a


hg import --no-commit $1 && trash $1

Put them in ~/bin. You need sudo apt-get install trash-cli for the trash command (or modify the script to either not remove the patch file, or use rm if you prefer).

2013-01-31 18:37
by mpen