ShareKit2.0 opens Facebook mobile but fails to redirect. Safari says page is invalid

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I'm using ShareKit2.0 (not to be confused with the original ShareKit which is defunct) in a PhoneGap project. I'm successfully sending tweets but Facebook sharing is not working.

When the window opens and I choose the "Facebook" button, the browser opens to log into the facebook mobile site. Then it asks for authorization for the app. Then I click "okay" and there is an error:

Cannot Open Page Safari cannot open the page because the page is invalid.

The URL of that page is:

2012-04-03 20:19
by emersonthis


You need to add a uri scheme for your app, in your apps Info.plist file, the file will be at the root of your application and called YOURAPPNAME-Info.plist you need to add the following


Replacing YOURFBAPPID with whatever your facebook APP id is.

2012-04-17 17:44
by Rwky